Flourishing Manager Breakthrough: 
Group Coaching Session


June 27, 2019  |  9:00 am - 2:00 pm EST  |  Markham, ON

“Leaders become better leaders when they experience a defining moment and respond to it correctly.”

~ John C. Maxwell


We all have enormous potential to succeed, given the right environment. Your internal environment has more to do with your success than the external environment you find yourself in.

People who examine themselves deeply have greater success in breaking through barriers that are holding them back from being the person and leader they want to be.

If you are serious about your success, but you feel stuck or you are not saying or doing what you want to be saying or doing, this session will help you.


This is a half-day intensive coaching session designed to help you achieve greater success at work and in life by digging deep into the blockages you are facing.

This session will help you strengthen your ability to make good decisions that will define your role as a leader and propel you to greater success in your relationships at work and beyond.

Important: This is a Coaching Session, not counselling or therapy. If you need counselling, therapy, or medical attention, contact your doctor or go to emergency at your nearest hospital.

  • Deeper understanding of yourself and why you interact and react the way you do

  • Greater mental clarity and confidence in your decision-making and problem- solving ability

  • Greater ability to meet professional and personal goals, objectives and targets with less risk of burnout, mental injury and disease

  • Greater ability to respond in a healthy manner to defining moments in your career and your life

  • Improved interpersonal communications and relationships

  • Less risk of engaging in unhealthy coping mechanisms

  • Improved overall well-being and energy

  • A greater sense of balance, mindfulness, control and peace

  • Greater potential for career advancement and enjoyment of life


In-Person Session: June 27, 2019

Cdn $695 + HST

Space is limited to only 10 spots.

About Your Instructor

Liz Horvath  


Liz is the Founder and President of Hale Health and Safety Solutions. She brings over 20 years of experience in occupational health and safety and workplace mental health combined with experience in disability and claims management. She is known for navigating complex and controversial issues in health and safety, making them easier to understand and helping clients see a clear path forward. Liz has worked with all levels of leadership throughout her career, helping them to significantly reduce their incidents and claims costs, while improving their business results.

During her career, Liz has dealt successfully with numerous workplace situations and claims involving mental health. She developed both basic and advanced level training on managing workers’ compensation claims and delivered this training across Canada. She was the Project Manager for the creation of the National Standard of Canada on Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace and is a sought-after speaker and trainer on psychological health and safety and leadership. Read full bio


“Attending Liz and Denise’s workshop on how to manage accommodations when return to work is a factor provided me with valuable information that I will be applying in my job immediately. It helped me have a mental shift in the way I approach these situations, and left me feeling more empowered and confident to handle them effectively. They provided a tangible tool I can draw upon in the future, as well as some other valuable resources. I loved learning from people with a lot of experience in this field, and it was convenient to be able to attend by videoconference." - R. Van Rijn

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