Managing Chronic Stress Claims: A Clear Path to Success

If you are involved in human resources, disability and claims, or health and safety in your organization, then you are likely finding yourself increasingly involved in aspects of managing chronic stress claims. These claims can be complex and managing them can be confusing (and costly!). 


This 3-month coaching program is designed to help you and your team develop and implement a clear and effective process for helping a worker who is struggling with chronic stress and managing chronic stress claims.


This program includes live virtual interactive learning sessions with Denise Ropp (Founder of DR Health Solutions) and Liz Horvath (Founder of Hale Health and Safety Solutions) PLUS valuable resources designed to help you apply what you learn between modules.


By the end of the program you will have a customized mental health disability management program that will help your workers stay at work, if possible, and return to work in a truly early and safe manner in the event that they do require time off for treatment and recovery. 


Benefits include:

  • Having a cohesive team dedicated to ethical and successful management of chronic stress claims

  • An integrated and documented program for managing chronic stress claims

  • Greater ability to help workers who are experiencing chronic stress with early intervention

  • Greater success in helping workers return to work after a necessary stress leave in a manner that minimizes the risk of recurrence

  • Minimizing the overall cost and organizational impact associated with a chronic stress claim


Have confidence in knowing you have a complete and fully customized system for managing chronic stress that will result in increased trust, cooperation and success.

We will work on:

  1. Assessing the risk of chronic stress among workers

  2. Determining the psychological demands of the job

  3. Working with stakeholders to reduce the worker’s level of chronic stress

  4. Helping workers improve resiliency

  5. Communicating with stakeholders (e.g. worker and their health care provider, insurance company, workers’ compensation board, supervisors, coworkers, etc.)

  6. Developing successful accommodation plans for workers with chronic stress and monitoring progress

  7. Preparing for and responding to crisis

  8. Requesting and independent medical evaluation

  9. Dealing with appeals


3 months




Live online interactive group coaching program - no travelling required!




  • Live online training on each topic

  • Training materials including a worksheet to record key learnings

  • Application materials to apply what you learned and record your results

  • Live online coaching with Elizabeth Rankin-Horvath and Denise Ropp

  • Lifetime access to the Chronic Stress Management private client site, that contains:

    • Recorded versions of each training session

    • Training and application materials

    • Bonus materials

  • Bonus materials and events (e.g. blogs, helpful hints, webinars, etc.)

  • Discounts on other training and workshops offered by Hale

  • Taxes

About Your Coaches

Liz Horvath  


Liz is the Founder and President of Hale Health and Safety Solutions. She is a Psychological Health and Safety Consultant who brings over 20 years of experience in occupational health and safety and workplace mental health combined with experience in disability and claims management. She is known for navigating complex and controversial issues in health and safety, making them easier to understand and helping clients see a clear path forward. Liz has worked with all levels of leadership throughout her career, helping them to significantly reduce their incidents and claims costs, while improving their business results.

Liz was Project Manager for the creation of the National Standard of Canada on Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace and is a sought-after speaker and trainer on psychological health and safety and leadership. Read full bio

Denise Ropp


Denise is the Founder and President of DR Health Solutions Ltd. Denise has been an active consultant in the North American health and wellness industries since 1990. A retired nurse, today she continues to provide effective solutions to clients that are industry leading. Her passion for wellness has made her a sought-after consultant and speaker in health wellness.


She has over 25 years’ experience in the provision of custom solutions for businesses and individuals to enhance the engagement of their employees leading to high levels of participation. Her strengths as an Occupational Health & Safety Consultant include her experience to develop the Proprietary Wellness Audit. She has a proven ability to successfully address workers’ compensation claims in a manner that is both fair and equitable for the worker and cost effective for the employer, essentially saving employers thousands in claim costs.  Visit website

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