Flourishing Workplace
Creating a culture that supports real organizational success! 


“Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.” – Simon Sinek

Why Should You Invest in a Flourishing Workplace Coaching?

Organizational culture is the foundation of every workplace. 
A negative culture affects every aspect of the business and is often costing much more than realized. A positive culture builds firm roots that help an organization meet its mandate, grow successfully and weather the changes it is subject to. 

Organizations that focus on developing and maintaining a positive environment and culture by design achieve greater success in meeting their goals. They have healthier, happier employees who are more engaged, productive and who tend to be ambassadors for the organization.  


What is Flourishing Workplace Coaching?


Creating a workplace that flourishes is a journey and an ongoing commitment.  

Key aspects of the program include:

  • Leadership development – to help your organization build internal capacity and leadership competence, in a sustainable manner. 

  • Employee engagement and responsibility – to help your organization build an engaged and energized workforce. 

  • Embedding employee wellbeing into organizational culture – a key strategic requirement for decision-making and execution of work throughout your policies, programs, processes and procedures

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About Your Coach

Liz Horvath  


Liz is the Founder and President of Hale Health and Safety Solutions. She is known for her professional and interpersonal skills in leading highly successful projects and committees and helping to transform toxic and dysfunctional work environments into cooperative and productive ones. She brings over 20 years of experience in navigating complex and controversial issues in health, safety, wellness and disability management, making them easier to understand and helping clients see a clear path forward.

As a result, her work helps clients significantly improve their business and personal results while reducing their risk and costs related to stress, injury, illness and disease.

Liz was Project Manager for the creation of the National Standard of Canada on Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace and is a sought-after trainer and international speaker on psychological health and safety and leadership. Read full bio

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