How to Manage Accommodation and Return to Work When Mental Health is a Factor

Are you confident in your ability to successfully manage  accommodation of a worker's mental health needs?

As with a physical disability, workers with mental illness can be  productive and contribute to the success of the organization. Yet many managers and supervisors are confused with how to discuss and address their worker's psychological needs at work, particularly if the worker’s condition is causing disruption in the workplace. This intensive mini-course answers many key questions and provides a workable strategy to give you confidence in your approach.

Key Lessons
  • Assess the worker’s psychological abilities and limitations in relation to the psychological demands of the job

  • Discuss accommodation and expectations with the worker in a psychologically healthy and safe manner

  • Obtain the necessary information from the worker’s health care provider

  • Monitor the worker’s progress and performance and communicate with key parties

  • Address situations where the worker’s behaviour is viewed as uncooperative, disruptive or toxic by others


This course is intended to engage your organization’s team who are involved in the accommodation and return to work process, including OHNs, OHS Professionals, HR professionals, Operational Managers, Supervisors, Health and Safety Committee Members, Union Representatives, and Small Business Owners.



This course contains 6 technical hours which can be applied to certification maintenance points for various professional designations.


1 day


Live online or in person, with lots of interaction with other attendees and the instructor.



Course materials


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About Your Instructor

Liz Horvath  


Liz is the Founder and President of Hale Health and Safety Solutions. She brings over 20 years of experience in occupational health and safety and workplace mental health combined with experience in disability and claims management. She is known for navigating complex and controversial issues in health and safety, making them easier to understand and helping clients see a clear path forward. Liz has worked with all levels of leadership throughout her career, helping them to significantly reduce their incidents and claims costs, while improving their business results.

During her career, Liz has dealt successfully with numerous workplace situations and claims involving mental health. She developed both basic and advanced level training on managing workers’ compensation claims and delivered this training across Canada. She was the Project Manager for the creation of the National Standard of Canada on Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace and is a sought-after speaker and trainer on psychological health and safety and leadership. Read full bio


“Attending Liz and Denise’s workshop on how to manage accommodations when return to work is a factor provided me with valuable information that I will be applying in my job immediately. It helped me have a mental shift in the way I approach these situations, and left me feeling more empowered and confident to handle them effectively. They provided a tangible tool I can draw upon in the future, as well as some other valuable resources. I loved learning from people with a lot of experience in this field, and it was convenient to be able to attend by videoconference." - R. Van Rijn

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