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Psychological Health and Safety: Risk Assessment and Action Planning

Workshop  |  Public Dates Available  |  Cost $695    

Workers with Mental Illness: Strategies for Successful Accommodation

Webinar  |  Public Dates Available  |  Cost $220    


Book a speaker on any of these popular topics:

  • Chronic Stress Claims and the Bottom Line: What You Need to Know

  • Value on Investment: How to Measure the True Impact of Mental Health on Business Results

  • Why Policies to Protect Workers from Workplace Harassment and Bullying Are Failing and What to Do About It

  • Silence is Not Golden: How to Support Your Team's Mental Health for Optimum Results

  • What Does Senior Leadership Support for Psychological Health and Safety Really Mean?

  • Clarifying the JHSC's Role in Workplace Mental Health

  • ISO 45001 OHS Management: Embracing the Whole Worker


The Flourishing Leader:

Learning to Lead Others Well by Taking Care of Your Needs

6-month coaching program designed to help employees in leadership roles at all levels and at all stages of their career to develop a psychologically healthy and safe leadership style that will reap benefits in their professional and personal lives.

Managing Chronic Stress Claims:

A Clear Path to Success

3-month coaching program designed to help you and your team develop and implement a clear and effective process for helping a worker who is struggling with chronic stress and managing chronic stress claims.

Growing the Oak:

Creating a Psychologically Healthy and Safe Workplace

A 4-stage system that focuses on the root of what is needed to build a flourishing organization: creating conditions that support a psychologically safe and healthy workplace. This program aligns with the National Standard of Canada on Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace and is intended to help organizations develop the internal capacity needed for immediate and long-term success.

  • Organizational PH&S Assessment: Know the Psychological Health and Safety Status of Your Organization
    This consultation aims to help business leaders understand the organization’s level of conformance to the National Standard of Canada on Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace.

  • Psychological Job Demands Analysis: Determining the Psychological Demands of the Employee’s Job for Greater Success
    This assessment is designed to help Human Resources, Supervisors, and Occupational Health and Safety Professionals understand the psychological job demands so they can ensure appropriate fit of the job to the worker, for every day work and situations where accommodation may be necessary.

  • PH&S Risk Assessment: Assess the Risk of Psychological Harm from Workplace Factors
    This assessment is designed to help your organization understand the risk of psychological harm to workers from workplace factors and prioritize preventive and corrective actions so that appropriate resources can be allocated to ensure success.

  • Assistance with Chronic Stress Claims Management
    This service helps with the development of chronic stress claims management processes and assistance with managing claims.

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