Hale brings together a great team of trusted colleagues to assist clients in creating a psychologically healthy and safe organization, manage mental stress claims, and help workers thrive.

AGS Rehab Solutions is a leader in the expert provision of disability management, assessment and vocational solutions to insurers, employers, law firms and government agencies across Canada.

They are recognized for assisting clients in supporting health and productivity by delivering goal-oriented, customized services that meet their diverse needs, on time and on budget, while upholding the highest quality standards. 


AGS Rehab Solutions achieved GOLD level recognition for Mental Health at Work®.

AGS and Hale have teamed up to provide focused expertise to employers on:

  • How to implement a psychological health and safety management system that conforms to the National Standard of Canada on Psychological Heath and Safety in the Workplace

  • Rehabilitation services for workers who have a mental disability

Bridges Health specializes in assisting employers with early intervention strategies, psychological health and safety initiatives, attendance support, and return-to-work coordination. Dedicated to a holistic approach to the health and wellness of employees in the workplace, they service diverse organizations including insurance providers, and large and small employers including both multi-union and non-union environments. Bridges Health’s programming fosters healthy workplace cultures that result in improved morale and offer invaluable tools for every level within an organization including labour relations, human resources, frontline managers, and employees.

Through implementation of creative, tailor-made programs, they have helped clients consistently and significantly improve staff morale, workplace culture, and overall productivity. As a byproduct, they helped reduce absenteeism by up to 36% and reduce their WCB time-loss claims effectively to zero. Their clients consistently report dramatic reductions in their arbitration costs, providing further return on investment.

At DR Health Solutions, Denise Ropp offers her expertise as a specialist in Personal and Business Health & Wellness Services. She ensures her clients understand and manage their motivations, needs and program’s total cost of risk and then assists them in the establishment of programs and sustainable measurable outcomes that will increase the overall return on investment.

Denise and Liz provide focused expertise to employers on how to prevent and manage chronic mental stress claims.

Everything Mindful Employer Canada develops is made to improve workplace mental health and increase the ability of leaders to respond effectively to others. They are revolutionizing the Canadian workforce by providing guidance to clients through innovative and practical resources.

Mindful Employer Canada and Hale have teamed up to provide coaching and resources for workplace Psychological Health and Safety Champions.

Rumina DiValentin is a veteran of occupational health and safety, workers compensation and quality management. She focuses on creating and implementing value-added customized OHS solutions for corporate organizations and small business.


Hale and Rumina work together to raise awareness in the OH&S community of workplace mental health and to provide services for assessing risk and implementing various aspects of a psychological health and safety management system.

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