The psychological health of an organization has a tremendous impact on its employees, their families, customers, and ultimately, on the success of the organization.

In a world of rapid change and high stress, creating a truly healthy organization is not just the right thing to do, it is part of an essential business strategy.

At Hale, we believe that when leaders focus on creating and sustaining a truly healthy organization, one where every employee feels valued, employees flourish, and so does the business. 

Employees enjoy their jobs because they feel motivated and inspired. Success is a natural result.

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Hale (noun) - Free from defect, disease, or infirmity; sound; also: retaining exceptional health and vigor.


To help build a world of healthy and safe organizations where workers can flourish in work and in life.


Empower employers worldwide to stop the crippling effects of stress so employees can flourish.

Just as an acorn grows into a mighty oak, every employee has tremendous potential and ability, given the right environment.  

Potential – Every employee is a person with enormous potential and ability. Great leaders know how to tap into that potential and ability. They know that supporting employees in meeting their goals and objectives requires understanding their abilities and limitations as well as their needs and expectations for a physically and psychologically safe and healthy workplace.

Strength – Strong organizations are rooted in management systems that are well integrated into strategic goals and operational processes. The systems help to keep stress at optimal levels by ensuring that both employee and organizational needs and expectations are met with consistency and efficient use of valuable resources.


Resilience – Stress is part of life and no one is immune. How an employee copes with stress (especially during times of crisis) determines their ability to succeed and their risk of experiencing mental injury, burnout and chronic disease.  Organizations that help employees manage through the normal stresses of life have more positive, productive and loyal employees. The organization supports every employee’s ability to work productively and is better able to help them to return to work earlier and safer after a necessary leave of absence.

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